Ruffled Clutch

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening


Picture: Ruffled Clutch

Ruffled Clutch

Size 24 x 11 x 3 cm

Cutting: Cut pelmet insert for the lining around 3mm smaller.
Seam allowances are not included and must be added.
A: Flap
B: Cover
C: Back
D: Base
E: Underlay
Satin fabric:
1 x flap 24 x 11 cm
1 x back with underlay 24 x 28 cm
2 side parts 3 x 22 cm
Mesh and dark blue silk:
1 rectangle for ornamental strips 24 x 4 cm in
1 x rectangle 24 x 39 cm
Cut inside pockets at your own discretion and preference.
Fusible Fleece and Pelmet Inserts:
Cut the back with underlay and flap additionally from the fusible fleece. Cut the lining from the pelmet insert (around 3 mm smaller than the tailored lining).
Iron the inserts:
Fuse the lining with the pelmet insert and fuse the back and underlay with the fusible fleece.
Sew on the ornamental strips:
1.    Lay the mesh strips on the silk fabric. Spray the embroidery stabilizer with a small amount of spray adhesive and place under both fabric layers. Decorate the strips lengthwise with ornamental stitches in various colors. Turn under the seam allowances lengthwise.
2.    Stitch on the strips 2 cm from the lower flap bottom lengthwise using an edge-stitch.
Sew together the outside pocket and lining:
1.    Sew and top-stitch the flap to the back. Attach the magnetic closures into the lining part approximately 2 cm from the corners of the flap. If desired, stitch on the inside pocket. With right sides together, stitch the lining to the clutch unit sewing the sides and flap edge. Leave the underlay edge open. Turn right side out.
2.    Fold the side pieces laterally along the fold lines and stitch the sides together. Tuck in the bottom edge and sew the bottom of the side pieces to the clutch bottom. Determine the location for the other half of the magnetic closures and attach them. Turn in the open upper edges of the underlay and edge-stitch them together from the right side.
Frilly flower:
See instructions for summer dress. Place the flowers on the ornamental strips and sew them on by hand.