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Bild: BERNINA Toolbox Editing



Create your own embroidery designs

Enjoy creative freedom: with the Editing module, you can individually edit and combine embroidery patterns.

Image: BERNINA Toolbox Editing

Whether you want individual elements or colors, small or large, mirrored, distorted, or just duplicated – anything is possible. Experience that wonderful feeling of using your own ideas to create something entirely new from something familiar!

Overview of the most important functions:

  • 100 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud
  • Re-arrange, combine, duplicate, group, mirror, or distort embroidery designs
  • Remove, enlarge, or reduce individual elements
  • Change colors
  • Customize embroidery patterns using the editor
  • Create new designs

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BERNINA Toolbox Editing – countless possibilities

Embroidery is really fun when you can change the embroidery pattern any way you like to create your own new patterns. BERNINA Toolbox Editing offers a wide range of creative options, making it the ideal tool for this.

Overview of embroidery designs

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