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Service Pack 01 für BERNINA 830 V 32.44.80

Service Pack 01 BERNINA 830 V 32.44.80

Service Pack 01 for BERNINA 830 V 32.44.80

Reason for the introduction:

Experience has shown that troubleshooting the firmware generally requires a new release. For the customer, this is often associated with long waiting times. In order to shorten these long waiting times, it was decided to work with the aid of service packs. The advantage lies not only in the time savings, but also in the lower data volume.

Troubleshooting based on mechanical tolerances
This Service Pack 01 rectifies the following complaints:
  • The hook doesn't swing out when a D foot is fitted to the machine and is in the top position
  • The thread is pulled out of the eye of the needle after it is cut
  • In certain circumstances, the upper thread cannot be drawn correctly into the upper-thread tension.

Before installation:

Check whether version 32.44.80 is installed on the machine.
The information can be obtained via the Setup Menu, submenu "i" , then press "Next" (hand icon) 3 times 
The software version is: V32.44.80
Data is: V32.44.80

Download und unzip

  1. To start the download process, click on the link
  2. save the file
  3. After the download click on the zip and then click on the exe file.
  4. Confirm the security information with ok
  5. Select by clicking on the button the drive, where the empty USB-Memory stick is connected.
  6. Confirm the selection with (unzip)
  7. The files become unpacked to the selected USB-Memory Stick.


  • BERNINA USB stick (max. 1GB) formatted into FAT 32.
  • Load the correctly unzipped AppData folder into the top level of the USB stick. The content of the folder is defined as per the picture.
  • Insert USB stick into switched-off machine.
  • Switch on machine. After the start routine, the following screen is displayed:  "Service Pack 01 loaded. Remove USB stick and restart machine". 
  • After the above message on the screen, switch machine off and remove USB stick.
  • Switch machine on again.
After the machine is started up, it is possible to check in the Setup Menu under 'i' whether SP01 was loaded.
The software version is: V32.44.80 (unchanged)
Data is: V32.44.83-SP01
BERNINA 830 Service Pack 01 (251KB)

Important notice:

Service Pack 01 must under no circumstances be installed via the usual update routine (i.e. like a customer update) - otherwise, the B 830 sewing and embroidery systems will no longer recognise each other.