Bild: Adapter set for freearm embroidery (for use with the Medium and Oval hoops)

BERNINA Special accessories for embroidery machines

Adapter for free-arm embroidery

The Adapter set for free-arm embroidery (for use with the medium and oval hoops) allows you to embroider tubular or closed embroidery projects. This means that pant legs can be embroidered without undoing their seams. The Adapter is also a welcome help with pockets and children’s T-shirts.

It enables the use of the free arm on BERNINA embroidery machines, providing you with more free space to work on challenging projects and complex embroidery tasks. In addition to this model, a BERNINA adapter specially designed for use with the Small embroidery hoop is available.

Enjoy comfortable, unrestricted embroidering – with the Adapter set for free-arm embroidery (for use with medium and oval hoops)!

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.