Bild: Slide-on free-arm table

BERNINA Special sewing accessories

Slide-on free-arm table

The Slide-on free-arm table is a handy extension to the free arm for BERNINA sewing machines that provides more room for your sewing projects while ensuring improved fabric feed. Free-arm function remains possible with the extension table in place, allowing for easy sewing of larger tubular or closed items such as skirt hems or bags. A seam guide enabling precise wide edgestitching is also available separately for the Slide-on free-arm table.

For embroidery without a sewing table, BERNINA offers a special adapter for free-arm embroidery which is best used with the associated large oval or medium-sized hoop.

Browse BERNINA’s extensive range of sewing accessories now, and discover the useful slide-on free-arm table for free-arm home-furnishing and clothing projects!

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