Izabella Baikowa im Porträt

Izabella Baikowa im Porträt

Kursleiterin im BERNINA Creative Center

Izabella Baykova, a member of the Artists' Union of Russia, Monumental Painting Section, graduated from St. Petersburg Higher School of Arts and Industry named after V.I. Mukhina in 1993. For some period she was engaged in monumental painting for public institutions of the city. From 1996 she has been working with carpets using the "innovative quilt" technique.
The start-up of every work is the game with the unknown. Months pass from the moment of origination of the concept to its full implementation. This "romance with the material" lasts up to two years. The idea gains shape, is gradually filled and saturated with details, hues, gets colouring. And it is only after the artist takes grasp of the image that deprives her of sleep, that bursts outwards without giving her a minute of peaceful existence, that she takes a textile in her hands, to give birth in a short time to a composition that will result in your insomnia, the same way it once made Izabella Baikova sleepless. For that reason it is impossible to outline the range of admirers of Izabella Baikova's talent. Many of them explain the sudden interest in the painter's original creative works by one phrase only: "I don't know why, but I like it".


1994-1996 - work over stained-glass windows of the Catholic Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in St. Petersburg. Restoration of sculptures and the bas-relief of the church.

2002 - Grand-Prix at the All-Russia Competition of patch-work sewing.

2003 - exhibitions in Slovakia, Hungary, Russia.

2004 - personal exhibition in Berlin, exhibition of toys in Serbia, participation in group exhibition in Hannover.

2005 - personal exhibition in Slovakia.

2006 - personal exhibition at the State showroom "Na Kashirke" in Moskow.
2006 - Grand-Prix at the X-th International festival of the contemporary arts "Buyan-ostrov" in Sochi
2006 - personal exhibition during the anniversary performances of the St Petersburg State Academic Ballet Theatre of Boris Eifman in Saint-Petersburg
2006 - participation in the international quilt festival in Birmingham, United Kingdom 2006 - participation in the international week of quilts in Yokohama, Japan

2007 - personal exhibition during the international quilt festival in Birmingham, United Kingdom
2007 - personal exhibition at the art gallery "E", Saint-Petersburg

2008 - participation in the international quilt festival in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Her works can be met in private collections in Russia, Hungary, Switzerland, Japan, Germany, USA. For her workshops she offers a theme "use of up-to-date transparent materials as well as machine and hand embroidery for achievement of graphic effects in space and perspective".