Pia Welsch

Pia Welsch

It happened when Pia was 21 years old: During a 1979 visit to America, she visited the Lancaster County, PA, home to the Pennsylvania Amish. The magnificent quilts of the Amish impressed the young woman. The images became embedded in her memory. 

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«For me, as a textile artist, creative and high quality technology is crucial for realizing my artistic ideas. Bernina sewing machines, particularly the BERNINA 830, support my requirements perfectly. With the BERNINA Embroidery Software 6, I can completely realize my "Ornament and Abstraction" ideas»

Ein Projekt von Pia Welsch
Picture: Pia Welsch

Pia Welsch, who lives in Homburg (Saarland), became interested in fabrics early on. She initially attempted silk painting and batik. However, her visit to the U.S. in 1979 steered her attention toward quilting. The fact that the Amish used the precisely crafted patchwork quilts as everyday items was irrelevant to her. 

To her, the quilts were art. She has been quilting ever since. In her first steps on the way to becoming a textile artist, she took a small detour via traditional patchwork. Her first project was a small lap quilt. From there, she drifted further and further away from traditional patchwork with each finished project.
Today, Pia Welsch produces art quilts exclusively. She primarily explores the theme of "Ornament and Abstraction."

Since 2004, she has been experimenting mainly with ovals. She brings them together in ever-evolving combinations and surprising creations. Since 2005, Pia Welsch has been working successfully with various BERNINA machines including the BERNINA 830 and the BERNINA 580 E.