Profil of Vanessa Christenson

Profil of Vanessa Christenson

Vanessa Christenson loves to craft quick fixes for her house. She like to sew pillows with her BERNINA because with pillows you can easily change the look of a room.

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Since Vanessa can remember she always liked to decorate, to put colors together, and to rearrange things. Her mother didn't care about those things, since her passion was to focus on cooking, healthy living, and exercise. Vanessa inherited the ability from her mother to be so passionate about certain things that it sometimes appeared obsession like.
When she was in High School Vanessa tried to learn to quilt. Since they didn't own a sewing machine, she did a few handful of blocks by hand. It wasn't till she was in her mid '20s, pregnant with her second child and married, that she got the nerve to ask a friend to help her with sewing. He told her how to turn on a sewing machine and how to sew a straight line. She hasn't looked back since.
Filled with a passion for sewing, she spent over a decade learning. Today her efforts have led to her selling embroidery patterns, quilt patterns, and publishing a book about adding texture to simple designs to create a big impact; she also debuted a fabric line with moda fabrics, called simply color, with more lines coming in the near future. She is grateful to be included in the BERNINA family and believes, that working with a BERNINA made her a better sewer, thanks to the excellent machines and the support programs they offered her.

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