Bild: Special accessories for embroidery machines

Embroidery machine accessories

Embroider like a pro – with BERNINA embroidery machine accessories, you can achieve results that are simply breathtaking.

Be as creative as a professional - you will instantly have reliably stunning results with the original BERNINA embroidery computer special accessories! Whether you want to embroider, paint, cut or create designs from rhinestones with your BERNINA, various possibilities for application are available to you. Discover new dimensions of creativity with the embroidery computer special accessories by BERNINA.

Cut out shapes, paint colorful designs or create individual motifs with rhinestones – all of this is now possible with a BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine. With the DesignWorks software set and the respective tool, you will immediately reach new dimensions when it comes to ornamentation on cloth or other materials.

The DesignWorks family includes CutWork, PaintWork and CrystalWork. With CutWork, shapes are cut out that can be applied. With PaintWork, images and motifs are colored in independently by your BERNINA embroidery machine. And with CrystalWork, you can design motif stencils for patterns made from rhinestones.

The DesignWorks software is not absolutely necessary to use the individual DesignWorks tools on a BERNINA that can embroider and is compatible with DesignWorks. Designs can also be cut out, painted in or stamped out unchanged without software. The software does provide additional features and opens countless possibilities for editing and creating designs.