Bild: BERNINA Classic Series

BERNINA Classic Series

With the mechanical sewing machines from BERNINA, you can learn the technical aspects of sewing in no time.

The advantages of a mechanical sewing machine lie in its proverbial durability and ease of operation. Experienced sewers appreciate the mechanical sewing machine’s direct access to all stitch parameters, as well as its incomparable control over the sewing process – and for beginners, a mechanical sewing machine offers the perfect chance to learn the technical aspects of sewing. Despite the fact that it doesn’t rely on electronic components, the mechanical sewing machine is technically state-of-the-art: Bobbin-winding and hook systems, feed-dog and other convenience features match those of electronic models, and guarantee the best stitch quality. And it goes without saying that BERNINA mechanical sewing machines can be equipped with a wide selection of the  most modern stitch plates and presser feet. 

Sewing with a mechanical sewing machine from the BERNINA Classic Series, you’ll have direct access to all important stitch parameters, and will easily be able to keep track of all your settings. Here – as with an electronic model – the Stitch Selection Chart helps you to determine the appropriate combination of presser foot, stitch length and width, and needle position. And thanks to the feed-dog drop, free-motion sewing is also a piece of cake.
BERNINA Classic sewing machines – mechanical sewing with tried-and-tested Swiss precision.