Bild: BERNINA Embroidery Designs Studio

BERNINA Embroidery Design Studio

Choose online from tens of thousands of professional embroidery designs. Simply download from the web store and you're off!

BERNINA Embroidery Design Studio places immense creative possibilities at your fingertips. Ten thousand professionally designed embroidery motifs from which you can compile your favorites online will expand your creative options and inspire you to produce oodles of creative embroidery artworks of your own. Simply make a list of the designs you want, go to your local BERNINA dealer with your USB stick, have them download them for you – and you’re good to go! You can download individual designs, or five, ten, twenty or more motifs from the BERNINA Embroidery Design Studio – whatever you wish.

Since the embroidery designs are offered in almost all common formats, BERNINA Embroidery Design Studio can be used with other manufacturers’ machines, as well as with BERNINA embroidery  machines. In fact, the BERNINA Embroidery Design Studio motifs can even be edited with suitable software – the free-of-charge BERNINA ArtLink, for instance – and saved in other formats. And should you ever lose a design, no worries. Your dealer will be glad to download it for you again, at no additional charge.