Bild: Inspiration Issue 46

Inspiration Issue 46

Spring 2010

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Chin up!

Bild: Inspiration Issue 46

Good spirits are contagious – so, unfortunately, are the grumps. Certainly, a cheerful mood seems to inspire greater creativity and a more active body and mind, as well as helping life flow more easily. Your fellow human beings will thank you for it. So head high and get on with it! Talk yourself into a good mood, and let yourself be ‘infected’ by others’ cheerfulness. Get out into the first warm days of spring and soak up the first weak rays of sunshine – it’s been proven to raise the spirits! Take this issue of inspiration along with you – it will do its bit to help lift your mood.
Armed thus, you can set to work with fresh resolve, and your good mood will receive yet another boost once you can proudly show off your completed projects.
And don’t be too disappointed if you can’t get hold of your favourite fabric from inspiration. Even though we always choose fabrics from wholesalers that our BERNINA dealers also use, unfortunately there is no guarantee that the fabric in question will then be in stock. Just use another fabric, and then you can be even prouder for having created a genuine one-off. And spare a thought for our international readers, who can only dream of finding this fabric somewhere – necessity is the mother of invention for them as well!
Wishing you hours of enjoyment reading and creating,
Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Fashion and Accessories

  • Breath of fresh air: Bold short jacket, simple skirt
  • Hot topic: Ruffles
  • Near-instant success with BERNINA accessories – frills for shirt, bag, trousers and belt.
  • Cool and casual: High-tech-material blouson, straightforward trousers and an easy-to-sew top for all sizes
  • Your choice: Kick off the spring season with a versatile shirt dress
  • Hot Topic: Zips
  • Decoratively inserted zip fastenings

News und Notes
  • BERNINA News
  • BERNINA Notes: The latest news from the Creative Center and other events 
  • In-seam pockets, Piping or welting, Ruffles
  • Nordic chic: Sturdy organiser for your workplace
  • Retro style: Pretty patchwork fabrics conjure up a new look for your  kitchen
  • Soft colours for small rooms: Guest room
  • Easter: Peter Cottontail hippity-hops across your Easter table
  • Jenny Bowker from Australia


  • Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

Young Look

  • Colourful pins for all occasions

Readers’ Service

  • Our Gift; Masthead


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