Bild: Inspiration Issue 47

Inspiration Issue 47

Summer 2010

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Summer Breeze

Bild: Inspiration Issue 47

What could be lovelier than sitting outdoors somewhere and letting the warm summer air caress your face? Lingering over a book, or pottering about in the garden. Feeling the mild breeze around your limbs, creating a sensation of pure well-being. Summer’s the season to kick back and enjoy life – those idle moments on the terrace or in the garden. And why trail around the shops buying seasonal accessories for the balmy weather when you can have fun sewing them for yourself?
Kids too are on the lookout for fun – when the weather’s fine, they can take their play tent out into the garden and ‘fly’ their owls there.
Beware, though, sewing the tent is likely to get you hooked, once you’ve completed one of these projects, you may not be able to stop!
Time to put on your glad rags and go out on the town. We invited you to choose your favourite skirt from the selection offered on our website. Your choice inspired us. Check out page 8 to see how we’ve mixed and matched the skirt, teaming it with a matching jacket for a sophisticated look, and a T-shirt for a sporty one.
It’s summer, and that calls for stronger, brighter hues. In ‘Intoxicated with colour’ we’ve chosen simple, in some cases offbeat patterns for you that are quick to sew, so that updating your summer wardrobe will be a real breeze!

Wishing you hours of reading, sewing and crafting enjoyment,

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Fashion and Accessories

  • Intoxicated with colour: Brash hues for a sophisticated skirt, off-the-shoulder top and a light waistcoat
  • Your choice: Skirt or Bermuda shorts, plus a short jacket and sporty dress
  • Aqua tones: Light and airy raglan tunic with practical Bermuda shorts
  • Hula hoop: Sassy summer dresses with circular decorations – simple or posh
  • Holiday mood: Deck chair cover, lounge pillow and stripy bags with seahorse decorations

News and Notes
  • BERNINA News: New BERNINA 3 Series models
  • BERNINA Notes: What’s new at the Creative Center and other events

Tips For sewing, embroidering and overlocking
  • Step-by-step instructions for a patchwork dress
  • Invisible button placket
  • My Label pattern customisation for the Princess-Line Dress
  • and NEW at i-Tips – Embroidering owls, i-Tips – Working photos of the children’s tent, i-Tips – Gardening hat: Sewing on decorative trim

  • Gardener’s delight: Tool belt, apron and sun hat for garden work
  • Geometric trifles: Original living accessories in felt
  • Hot topic: Circular decorations
  • Varied designs for trendy bathroom accessories
  • Magic forest: Mystical owls for a children’s tent

  • Doris Teixeira from Brazil

  • 50th anniversary of Swafing 'fabric heaven'

  • Transform a simple skirt into a one-off with this BERNINA accessory

Reader Service
  • Our Gift; Masthead


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