Bild: Inspiration Issue 50

Inspiration Issue 50

Summer 2011

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Happy anniversary to us!

Bild: Inspiration Issue 50

Today, we’re proud to present to you the 50th issue of inspiration, including several “golden anniversary” pages. Looking back, we’ll show you five “blast from the past” models and how we’ve adapted them to today’s modern styles. Not just fashion, but BERNINA sewing-machine technology has evolved over time. Accordingly, we’ve ­continually launched ever-more-innovative machines on the market, with more features and functions, even better accessories, and a whole slew of creative options. That’s why almost every new issue of Inspiration has been accompanied by an innovation that
takes the hard slog out of sewing, making it much more fun in the process.

In addition, we’ve given summer a column of its own, confident that our warm-weather projects will maximise your enjoyment of this glorious season. The “Ship Ahoy” theme will bring the holidays straight into your home. For those venturing further afield, though – say, to a lovely wide sandy beach, or even just to the local outdoor swimming pool – we’ve created a special beach outfit for you – light, airy and blissfully comfortable. And you’ve certainly nothing to fear from our sleight-of-hand tricks, which will help you conjure up some harmless fun and games at the seaside. Those staying put at home might fancy smartening up their surroundings with an African look. Tempted?

Rainy days are always good for sorting out cupboards and wardrobes, we find. Our garment bags and organisers for all sorts of odds and ends will bring a dash of order as well as a chic new look to your closet.

And we’ve remembered your everyday needs, too. Whether it’s dresses, shorts or even an adaptable jacket for those cooler days, you’re sure to find a must-have in these pages.

Wishing you hours of reading and sewing pleasure,

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

  • Anniversary Pages – 5 Models Get a Remake
  • Colourful children’s jacket
  • Elegant ladies’ jacket with shirred sleeves
  • Pert border dress with floral design
  • Asymmetric jersey dress
  • Cocktail dress with sophisticated plunging back


  • 50 issues of Inspiration – a look at how our magazine has evolved

Fashion and Accessories
  • Stylish prints: Summery tunic and simple little jersey dress
  • Your Choice: Here’s your shirt, cheekily matched with shorts and a practical, versatile jacket
  • Grande dame: Chic dress with matching clasp bag

News and Notes
  • BERNINA News: Stylish skins
  • BERNINA Notes: What’s on at the Creative Center, plus other events

Tips For sewing, embroidering and overlocking
  • Tips: Free-motion couching foot no. 43 with the embroidery module
  • Tips: Edge construction
  • Tips: Slit/vent reinforcements
  • and at under “Creative World”, “Inspiration”, “Inspiration News”:i-tips – Model 5033 Cutlery picture

Summer Special
  • Summer, sand and sun: Beach tunic and kimono trousers
  • Sleight of hand: Beach bag transforms into Nine Men’s Morris game
  • Balcony and terrace: Ship ahoy!

  • Hale and hearty: Fresh fish and crunchy vegetables – with textile texture
  • Smart “African look” furnishings: Lampshade, mobile and clock
  • Practical items for your wardrobe: Garment bags, shelving and storage box

Guest Spot
  • Martin Leuthold from Jakob Schläpfer Textile, Switzerland

  • Elisa Lobo from Brazil

Young Look
  • Quickly made outfitfor girls in a hurry

Readers’ Service
  • Our Gift; Masthead


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