Bild: Inspiration Issue 53

Inspiration Issue 53

Summer 2012

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New Chic

Bild: Inspiration Issue 53

No one is going around in jeans and trainers anymore. As a nod to the new fashion for neater, posher clothes, this issue features some suitable glad rags that are bound to be new to your wardrobe. Long skirts are now worn during the day, with the choice of shoes making for a more casual or dressy look – elegant with pumps, but suitable
for everyday wear when teamed with sneakers. Or how about a
light-and-airy embroidered cotton-with-silk dress? And if this frock isn’t chic enough for your next evening summer party, we’ve got a much posher outfit for you. We’ve kept the dress short, so the ­summer nights don’t feel too hot. Of course we’ve also thought of matching accessories. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet or bag, we’ve got something for everyone.

Summer is also the season of roses – so why not decorate your home with rose tendrils? With your embroidery computer doing the job virtually by itself, you’ll still have enough time left over to enjoy the outdoors. What about a garden party featuring butterfly decorations? For rainy days, you can retreat to your lounge area, which we’ve completely reinterpreted for you, with newly embroidered antique-look bar signs furnishing a suitable framework.

Hardly is the summer over when it’s back to school again. Children look forward to their first day at school, an experience you might choose to sweeten – entirely without added sugar, of course – with some suitable new gear.
Not quite sugar-free, however, is the jam which we’ve decked out with fetching lids. These make a jar of preserves the perfect little gift, e. g. as a thank you for a spur-of-the-moment invitation from
close friends. Or make them simply to lend an attractive touch to something commonplace!

Wishing you many hours of enjoyment browsing and creating,
as well as a fine long summer,

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Fashion and Accessories

  • Practical: Comfortable chinos and summer top
  • Fashion highlight: Long skirt and perky top with matching accessories
  • Flower power: Filmy summer frock with embroidered straps
  • Summer night’s party: Asymmetric evening dress with cheeky bag
  • Hidden treasures: Making something new from something old

News and Notes
  • BERNINA News: The latest with the BERNINA 3 Series, Trapunto Embroidery Card Vol. 2, and Free-motion couching foot no. 43 for older sewing machine models
  • BERNINA Notes: New courses in Steckborn

  • Binder attachments: available accessories and sewing around corners
  • Pattern alterations for differences in ­measurements
  • Appliqués – precision and reliability
  • And at under “News”, the i-Tips, the clutch bag from page 35 of this issue

Living and Giving
  • Lizard Lounge: The rustic look for your home bar
  • Rosy times: Romantic dining room
  • On the wing: Enchanting butterflies for your garden party
  • Sweet temptation: Prettily packaged jam

  • Off to a flying start: Cheery, colourful ­clothes for school

  • New York City – the city that never sleeps

Young Look
  • Trendy bag for all seasons

Readers’ service
  • Our gift, Masthead


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