Bild: Inspiration Special Issue "Living"

Inspiration Special Issue "Habitat"

Inspiration Special Issue 2012

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Living trends

Bild: Inspiration Special Issue "Living"

After all the impressions that assail us day-in, day-out, coming back to base each evening is very important. A comfortable home helps to ease much of the stress we experience throughout the day. Lounging with your feet up, or preparing dinner at a leisurely pace in the kitchen with your partner  whilst sharing the day’s news is much more relaxing in attractively decorated surroundings. Soullessly arranged furniture is out – the focus is now on textiles that underscore your individual taste. And yet, no two people de­ ne “comfort” in the same way. For some it’s a stylish home with clean lines, no added frills, and everything serving a purpose. Others luxuriate in shades of pink and plush, or are big fans of the natural look – family-friendliness being their main criterion. Sometimes, it’s not all that easy to ­find a style that pleases every family member equally. And as with fashion, there are trends in furnishing. In this issue, we’d like to introduce you to the latest ones. Have a look at these projects as family – you’ll be amazed at the ideas and reactions they spur. But even trends are no more than guidelines, so feel free to pick and choose here and there what suits you best.
Wishing you hours of pleasure browsing the magazine and smartening up your home.
Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief


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Table of contents

Living the natural life

  • Ideas for a comfortable lounge in natural colours
  • Clever lamp, ­ flowerpot covers, beanbag chair, a homemade “puzzle” placemat and more, made from felt, paper and linen

A riot of exotic colours
  • Colours and patterns from faraway lands to bring a touch of adventure to your home Ornamental elephant, ottoman, decorative blanket and more, made from shiny silk

Unusual uses for everyday items
  • Kitchen paraphernalia from ordinary materials such as sponge cloths, plastic bags and bubble wrap Clever window picture that doubles as a curtain, an original accessory holder, placemat and more for success in the kitchen
  • Romantic moments
  • Relaxing idylls in cosy reading or knitting corners; plush and leather in perfect harmony
  • Flowers, pillows, basket, a cover for a poetry album and a ­ fleecy rug for relaxing on

Clear statement
  • Pared-down look in low-key shades of blue – a clear design for living
  • Fleece as a foil for severe shapes

Reader’s service
  • Our gift
  • Masthead
  • And at under “News”: Basket i-Tips: Squaring the circle: sewing in a round base
  • Tassel i-Tips: How to create two (nearly) identical tassels at once

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