Bild: Inspiration Special "Travel"

Inspiration Special "Travel"

Inspiration Special Issue 2011

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Keen travellers

Bild: Inspiration Special "Travel"

In this Special, we hope to surprise you with lots of useful little accessories which both emphasise your individuality and make it a cinch to distinguish your suitcases and belongings from everyone else’s. What better way to get you in the mood for your holidays?
Whether you’re “just” searching for a sponge bag, or a suitable repository for all your travel and booking documents, you need look no further than this issue. For travel by car, plane or ship, we’ve got something for every eventuality. And because it’s such a reassuring feeling to be equipped for all contingencies, “Sister Annabelle” – the lady with the bandages – and her trusty sidekick, the thimble sewing kit – are at your service for minor medical and sartorial mishaps.
Needing something else for your sunburnt shoulders? Besides “Sister Annabelle”, we can also offer you a ToSkiPo. Never heard of it? Hardly surprising, as we’ve only just invented this versatile top-skirt-and-poncho-in-one, which lets you pack light while keeping your options open for a quick change!

For the little ones, we’ve banished boredom with a backpack that also doubles as a toy, and cute little bits and bobs in an elephant design to boot.

And once you’ve stowed all your gear away nice and tidily, you can be on your way.
Happy travels to all our readers!

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Perfectly packed

  • Happy holidays: Cosmetics bag in a bold design
  • I’m packing my suitcase and bringing ... Shoe-bag, electrical items, jewellery and laundry bag
  • Useful items galore: Travel bits and bobs: Suitcase strap, documents folder and bag tag

Travelling by road or air ...
  • On the go in the car: A car-seat tidy and a pouch for the satnav
  • On the plane: Basic essentials for longer flights

  • Stylish accessories: Maximise your impact while minimising your luggage (and what’s a ToSkiPo when it’s at home?)
  • Not just when in Rome: “Vespa-look” accessories

  • On the go with kids: Baby elephant walk

In case of need: Kits for all contingencies
  • “Thimble” sewing kit and “Sister Annabelle”



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