Bild: BERNINA 560 Firmware V34.36.60

Support - BERNINA 560

Firmware V34.36.60

BERNINA 560 - Firmware V34.36.60

For the BERNINA 560 a new firmware is available.

Brief information

Firmware V34.36.60 File name File size
Zip-file 15.57 MB
Content of the ZIP-File
- la343660_10471_Bernina560.bin (application)
- lb000702_B580_B560.bin (bootloader)
- ld343660_10471_Bernina560.bin (data)
12.24 MB

1.05  MB
15.45 MB
Download  instruction as PDF Download instructions firmware update 546 KB


  • Computer with Windows XP® SP2 (SP3), Windows Vista™ SP2 or Windows® 7 (SP1) operating system.
  • System type: 32 Bit or 64 Bit operating system
  • BERNINA 560 sewing computer
  • User manual of the BERNINA 560
  • Empty BERNINA USB-Memory key (>256 MB / FAT 32 formatted) ¹
  • Free USB-Port on Computer side
  • Internet connection to download the firmware

Before you start with the download:

Check the firmware version of your BERNINA 560:
This download contains the software version 34.36.60
Go to the “Setup” of your BERNINA sewing computer by clicking on the soft key:

Open the information section:

Press the hand symbol one time:

On the screen, you will see which firmware versions are installed on your machine. If any of the first three (Firmware, Data, Bootloader) versions have a lower value as shown below, an update is recommended.

Version Software: 34.36.60
Data: 34.36.60
Version Bootloader: 00.07.02


USB stick must be FAT32 formatted. If it isn't, the firmware update won't complete successfully.

From this Software version on, the USB-Stick in use must be formatted to a new file system, the new format to be used: FAT32.

How to FAT32- format an USB stick:

    • Plug your USB stick into a free USB port on your PC.
    • Wait until the stick is ready for operation.
    • Open Windows Explorer.
    • Right-click on the USB stick drive.
    • Select 'Format' in the popup menu.
    • The second window contains information regarding file system.
    • If FAT32 appears in the bar, formatting won't be necessary.
    • If a different value than FAT32 appears, set the value to FAT32 and carry out the formatting.
    • Use 'Start' to start FAT32 formatting.
    • After successful formatting, the USB stick is ready for the firmware updating of the sewing machine.


Previous versions

Firmware version: Available:
V34.25.53 Bootloader V00.07.02 14.07.2014
V33.20.21 Bootloader V00.06.02 22.01.2014
V33.20.21 Bootloader V00.05.01 27.09.2013