Legendary machines. Legendary presser feet

Legendary machines. Legendary presser feet

New presser feet for older BERNINA machines

  • Adjustable Ruler Foot #72
  • Adjustable Stippling Foot #73
  • Adjustable Gliding Cup Foot #74
Meet the new heritage presser feet made for our legacy class of sewing machines

The height-adjustable presser feet for early machines models!

All are now available for early BERNINA machines like the 1630, 1230, 1008 and even for oldtimers like the famous 730 or 830 Record from the sixties and seventies.

Made for your beloved BERNINA

    These presser feet were developed especially for earlier BERNINA models, such as Record, Favorit, Minimatic and Nova models:

    • 1000, 1001, 1004 - 1630
    • 900, 910, 930 - 950
    • 800, 801, 802 - 850
    • 700, 707, 708 - 744
    • 600, 610 - 644
    • 530, 532 - 540

Adjustable Ruler Foot #72

  • For precise quilting
  • Designed for quilting with rulers
  • Height adjustable

Use this adjustable foot to sew along a ¼-inch-thick ruler and create decorative quilt designs such as lines, feathers and circles. The markings allow for precise sewing, and the dial lets you adjust the height of the foot.

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Adjustable Stippling Foot #73

  • For free-motion quilting & embroidery
  • Matte grey coating eliminates glare
  • Height adjustable

Free-motion quilting and embroidery with this presser foot is pure pleasure. Very detailed quilting of small patterns becomes easier than ever, thanks to the open shape of the presser foot sole.

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Adjustable Gliding Cup Foot #74

  • Perfect for appliqué
  • Inner markings for perfect placement
  • Height adjustable

The Adjustable Gliding Cup Foot #74 is a cup-shaped foot that aids in quilting around dimensional elements on a quilt. Easily quilt around or over raised and uneven seams and embellishments.

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