Bild: Inspiration Issue 48

Inspiration Issue 48

Fall 2010

Kundvagn: I din varukorg finns för närvarande ingen produkt


Less is more

Bild: Inspiration Issue 48

Would you have thought that a jumper could also be worn as a dress? "Know-how" is the watchword here. Our top all-rounder can be worn as a jumper in two different ways, and those so inclined can also wear it as a cheeky minidress, with the sleeves as a belt tied at the front or in back. Three garments in one!
Or have you ever worn a rectangle of fabric as a poncho? Considering how simple this model is to make, it's all the more surprising what a sophisticated impression it creates – cosy warm, and beautifully decorative despite the
simple materials used to make it.
Even with our evening wear we fall back on a very simple style. The fabric alone makes a statement, with the little details dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's.

Had you realised that it's almost Christmas again? This time, we've got to grips with the latest yuletide trends. Classic red-and-white, warm shades of brown and gold, pastel tones and restrained white are our favourites in the list of the most important Christmas colour trends. With all these options, you're sure
to find the right choice for every taste. Here too, we've taken care to keep the styles simple.

Often, it's the little things that grab our attention. We only really notice them consciously at second glance, but by then we're utterly hooked. Decorative seams, simple styles, special materials. It's entirely within your power to achieve maximum effect with a simple design. Sometimes, less definitely is more!

Wishing you hours of enjoyment reading and creating,

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Fashion and Accessories

  • Your choice: Soft, embroidered jacket, teamed with a sexy leather skirt and decorative belt
  • Overlocking Special: A garment you can wear three different ways, plus a designer model
  • Cheeky checks: Dress with jumper and sophisticated scarf
  • Poncho and Co.: A cuddly garment for cooler autumn days
  • Hot date: Simple dress with clutch bag 
News and Notes
  • BERNINA News: Presser feet
  • BERNINA Notes: The latest news from the Creative Center and other events

Tips For Sewing, Embroidering and Overlocking
  • Decorative work with the overlocker (home-dec topic)
  • Sewing end-to-end: 1 pattern – 3 options
  • NEW at / inspiration under News: i-Tips – "Your choice" embroidered jacket, i-Tips – Sewing faux leather

  • 'Tis better to give . . . or perhaps to keep: Bag, cap and muffatees
  • Christmas: A couple of branches with four different suggestions for decorations
  • Snuggle-down time: Lovely things for your lounge

Overlocking Special
  • Stripes every which way

  • Galina Krasnikowa from Moscow

Guest Spot
  • Young designer: Tanja Brühwiler

Young Look
  • Sensational: Tanja Brühwiler's casual skirt

Readers' Service
  • Our gift; Masthead


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Kundvagn: I din varukorg finns för närvarande ingen produkt