Bild: Inspiration Issue 49

Inspiration Issue 49

Spring 2011

Kundvagn: I din varukorg finns för närvarande ingen produkt


Blooming marvellous!

Bild: Inspiration Issue 49

We're looking forward to the spring. Soon the first buds will be unfurling. Fashion, too, becomes more colourful, as we emerge from our winter wraps. In addition to the well-established natural shades, blue and green are particularly big just now. We're not just talking dark and royal blue or apple and bottle green, either; mixed shades right up to petrol are well represented. Moreover, since not every colour is everyone's cup of tea, once again it's up to you which project to make in what colour. Or simply choose our white waistcoat, and jazz it up with colourful embroidery! That way you'll have something for every occasion.

Spring is on the way, so it's only natural that you'll also want to smarten up your home a bit. We'd especially like to draw your attention to our “tasty” strawberries, where in addition to shades of red and pink, you'll also find plenty of fresh green! We hope you'll succumb to the temptation.

In this issue you'll find projects for advanced hobby sewers – for instance the parkas – but also quite easy, quick-to-make items such as the jumper or jewellery, which will have you champing at the bit for more of the same. We've been busily working with decorative stitches and special presser feet, and embroidering and cutworking too, of course. But even simple appliqués that can be done on any machine – such as our strawberries – now look good enough to eat.

Your BERNINA is your trusty companion for all your projects. A machine equipped with a variety of accessories makes sewing, embroidering and embellishing even more fun. Just check out our wide selection of accessories on the Web at, for instance. There, you'll find our entire range, as well as videos highlighting the endless possibilities of both the software and many of the individual presser feet.

Wishing you hours of enjoyment reading and creating,

Your Editorial Team and Claudia Giesser, Editor-in-Chief

Table of contents

Fashion and Accessories

  • Your Choice: Partner look – Mother-and-daughter parkas
  • Bold yet comfortable: Tops for all occasions 
  • Woman at Work: Pert dress for the office
  • Caribbean mood: Waistcoat and jeans in upbeat colours
  • Accessories: First flowers of spring on bags big and small
  • Jewellery: Exclusive bling for neck, arm and fingers
News and Notes
  • BERNINA News: Walking-foot sole with central guide
  • BERNINA Notes: What's on at the Creative Center, plus other events

Tips For sewing, embroidering and overlocking
  • Tapering with the BERNINA 820/830
  • CutWork's myriad options
  • Closure on women's parka
  • and at under “Creative World”, “Inspiration”, “Inspiration News”: i-Tips – Alternative handle for bag
  • Easter: Hens or Easter Bunny
  • Sleep well: Feel on top of the world
  • Sweet temptation: Strawberries
  • Practical projects for hobby sewers: Cosy room divider and other decorative accessories


  • Textile news – Spotlight on small formats

Young Look
  • Colourful cosmetics bag

Reader Service
  • Our Gift; Masthead


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Kundvagn: I din varukorg finns för närvarande ingen produkt