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Special accessories for sergers

Cording foot

Cording foot – for rolled hems with thin cording

The Cording foot lets you serge wire, fishline, or pearl cotton into a rolled-hem stitch for a very  attractive result. It’s also ideal for thin cords. The cording is fed through special guides at the front and in the middle of the presser foot, ensuring even insertion. This produces neat, precise, high quality rolled hems. The Cording foot is also a useful aid for reinforcing edges and constructing stand-up flounces. What’s more, it sews shapeable bows in next to no time. TIP: when starting to sew, it helps to keep hold of the end of the cord for the first few stitches, to prevent it from slipping away. Order you Cording foot from the BERNINA range of special accessories for sergers now, and enjoy easy overlocking with the professional for rolled hems with thin cording!

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