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Special accessories for sergers

Standard presser foot

The Standard presser foot

The Standard presser foot is a practical,  general purpose foot suitable for a host of serging tasks. This foot is ideal for serging, as well as for sewing flatlocked seams and rolled hems. The fabric edge is trimmed, sewn, and neatened in a single operation. The flat sole of the foot ensures that the sewing project always remains in contact with the feed dog. Smooth fabric feed enables trouble-free sewing. The raised markings on the front of the foot indicate the needle positions from the cutting line. The Standard serging foot also features an adjustable guide for ribbon, tape and elastic  ¼” to ½” (6 to12mm) in width. Use this foot  to embellish blouses with decorative ribbon, or to sew elastic to skirts or pants for comfortable stretch. Order the Standard presser foot now – your dependable helper for everyday sewing tasks.

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