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Special accessories for sergers

Accessory holder

Accessory holder for BERNINA sergers

A number of BERNINA sergers require the BERNINA Accessory holder to mount the serger accessories to the machine. The Accessory holder allows useful tools such as the Right / left seam guides, Gathering attachment, and the guide for the Multi-purpose foot  to be fitted to your BERNINA serger with just a few flicks of the wrist. The Accessory holder consists of the holder for the accessory plus the locking screw, as well as a large mounting screw for attachment to the BERNINA serger. Once the holder has been fitted, using the special serger accessory couldn’t be easier – simply insert the desired tool and tighten the screw. Now BERNINA Funlock, 300 Series, 700D and 800D/DL serger models can also use the extensive range of accessories for overlocking projects. Browse the wide range of BERNINA special accessories for sergers now, and discover the useful Accessory holder for BERNINA sergers for yourself!

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