Free flamingo design & instructions for an embroidered bag

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Flamingo to Go!

Buy any canvas bag and spice it up with this bold, embroidered flamingo design. It'll make shopping a little bit more fun, right?

You will need:

Download the "Flamingo" embroidery file for free by clicking here

Although the embroidery design fits into the large oval hoop, it is possible to embroider the flamingo together with the lettering using the maxi hoop. Those who do not have a Maxi hoop can embroider the flamingo and the lettering separately in the large oval hoop.

Download the embroidery design

  • Click on the link above to download the flamingo design.
  • Unzip the folder.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

Arrange the embroidery design in Toolbox

  • Start the BERNINA Toolbox software.
  • Select “New”.
  • Enter the file name for the project and confirm with "OK".

Embroidery Software 30 days for free

The cool flamingo bag was created with the BERNINA Toolbox, a modular, easy-to-use embroidery software. With the Free Trial you can enjoy all functionalities of the software 30 days free of charge.

Download your free trial now
Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Select "Add Design" and "Import Design from File".
  • Navigate to the "Flamingo" saved location. By clicking on "Open", the flamingo design is opened in Toolbox.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Open the "View" menu and select "BERNINA / 7 or 8 Series / Maxi" embroidery hoop option.
  • Select "Show Hoop" if this feature is not already active.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

Add the lettering

  • Open "Lettering" menu and enter "I'm".
  • Select the desired typeface. We have used "Atlantic Script".
  • Position the writing to the left of the flamingo.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Click on an empty section of the working area, so that nothing is selected.
  • Enter "sick of" in the input field.
  • Position the lettering below the first line of text.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Click on an empty section of the working area again.
  • Enter "unicorns" in the input field.
  • Arrange the lettering underneath so it lines up nicely.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Open the "Select" menu and choose "Select All".
  • Move the combined text into the center of the frame.
  • If necessary, position the individual parts of the lettering more exactly. Cancel the selection by clicking on an empty space, click on the desired object and move it.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

  • Select "Export".
  • Open the USB drive.
  • Save the design onto a USB thumb drive.

Want to save your embroidery design for later use?

No problem thanks to the BERNINA Cloud. Store all your created designs in the Cloud or store them temporarily if you want to continue your work later.

In our tutorials we explain how to use the cloud step by step. 
Bild: Flamingo Tasche

Hoop the fabric

  • Unpick one of the side seams on the bag so that the material can be hooped.
  • Cut out a sufficiently large piece of embroidery stabilizer and affix it under the fabric. Depending on the stabilizer, it is recommended that you use two layers.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche

Embroider the design

  • Embroider the design.
  • Sew the separated side seam closed again.

Bild: Flamingo Tasche


And your new shopping accessory is ready! We hope you enjoy and have lots of fun making this item. :-)

Want to try an embroidery software? Then here's your perfect chance. Download the 30-day free trial now and start embroidering!