BERNINA Easter decoration

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The sewing instructions for the BERNINA Easter chickens are quick and easy to follow. Why not give it a try!

Picture: BERNINA Easter decoration

4940 Deco hens


  • 20cm craft felt in light- and mid-green, pink, petrol and yellow
  • Googly eyes, 15mm
  • Card, approx. 1mm thick, for body and base plate
  • 1 pair carpentry nails per hen, 16cm
  • Cutting die or punching tool for press studs (Prym)
  • Assorted embroidery thread
  • Aquafilm (water-soluble stabiliser from OESD)
  • Hot glue
  • BERNINA sewing computer
  • BERNINA CutWork for the flowers, if available
  • Clear foot no. 39

Cutting out craft felt
55  1 x front with hole
55  1 x back without hole
56  2 x inside section in yellow with comb and beak
Square 9 x 9cm for hammering nails into; 2 x base, 13 x 9cm
Cutting out card
56 1 x body, slightly smaller than the dashed line
58  2 x base (11 x 7 cm)


  1. Create and embroider or cut out flowers as per pattern piece 57 in the CutWork Software or in the BERNINA Embroidery Software. For embroidering, use a double thickness of craft felt and cover on both sides with Aquafilm. Rinse stabiliser from flowers.
  2. Topstitch along comb and beak of inside sections (first placing tear-away stabiliser underneath). Place front and inside sections together and topstitch around the hole. Match up all pieces and stitch together accurately, leaving open at the bottom.
  3. Place square for nail support in hen on card and stitch on casing for nails 4cm apart. Trim excess fabric. Slip in card.
  4. Base plate: Punch holes for the feet according to template (piece 58), and small holes for the nail shanks in 1 felt and 1 card section (top). For the nail head, in order to cover the larger holes in the card and around the nail head, cut the crosses in the second felt section (bottom).
  5. Place all pieces together as per drawing and topstitch the felt all round. Tip: Use height-compensation tool. Stick nails through base plate, hiding their heads under the felt cross, and gluing on felt there. Attach felt hen. Glue on eyes and CutWork flowers.