Stunning embellishments with Sue O’Very

Lesson eleven demonstrates how to:

Couching: Creating a lettering design with Sue O’Very

Hello, my Sewing Bees! It's fascinating how with the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and our embroidery machine we can create such amazing stitching creations. In today's lesson I'm going to share with you how simple it really is to design a couching word and stitch it out.

Let's have some fun!

Red highlighted words 
They mark a function which is shown in the picture with a red circle.
The circle is sometimes very small, so keep looking for it! 

Joy Drop Reference

Joy Drop Reference

You can download this drawing as a reference for your couching design and Sue's original embroidery file as a BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 art-file. The art-file can't be used on your embroidery machine. You need to export it on a USB-stick or via the WiFi-Device as a machine file in order to stitch it out. Check Lesson one if you need a reminder how to export a design to your machine.

Download Reference
From the beginning

From the beginning

Open BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and switch to "Embroidery Canvas". Change the hoop size to the BERNINA Large Oval Hoop, 255x145. I demonstrated how to change the hoop size in lessons 1-4 if you need a reminder of the detailed process.

Select the Free-Motion Couching Foot #43. Make sure that Show Hoop is checked and click OK.  

Enter 90 degrees in the Rotate Hoop box. Press "Enter" on your keyboard.

Select Insert Artwork and navigate to the location of the saved lettering image.  

Creating the Single Outline

Creating the Single Outline

Select the Digitizing Toolbox, the Open Object, the Single Outline, and Color #5. Begin with a Left click at the tip of the “J” and continue clicking around the entire word with Right clicks to generate curve lines. The tighter the curve, the closer the clicks will need to be. Zoom in as needed to see the lines better. End with a left click.

Press "Enter" when finished to set the stitch. Select the white area of the artwork on the design screen. Press Delete to leave only the running stitch.

Select the “Joy” and select the Couching icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

Open the Menu "File"
> Save as "Joy Couching".
> Send the design to your machine by exporting to a USB stick with Card/Machine Write or via WiFi with Send to BERNINA WiFi Device.

Time to embroider the Couching design

  • Use a Top Stitch 80/12 needle. Match thread to the cording in the top and put Bobbin thread in the bobbin.
  • Hoop material with appropriate stabilizer. Example shows Quilt Cotton with fusible woven interfacing on the wrong side. You can slide a piece of Tear-Away under the hoop and float it if you’d like for added stabilization.
  • Attach the #43 Couching presser foot onto machine and change the foot setting on the screen of your machine.
  • Slip the cording through the guide on the presser foot and slide through the open hole.

Pull about 3” of the cord through the hole and push towards the side/top.

Slow the machine speed for more control of the stitching process. At the beginning of the design, the design will tie off. After the tie-off, you can stop the machine and then cut the threads if you’d like. The design will stitch; then tie off at the end of the design.

Trim the cord at the end of the design and you are finished!

End of Lesson Eleven

End of Lesson Eleven

Are you ready for the last lesson?
I will show you how to create a in-the-hoop Luggage Tag, using the new Weld tool of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9!

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