i-Tips Inspiration 57


Picture: i-Tips Inspiartion 57  -  5710

5710 Embroidered collar

Open file ‘5710‘ in the embroidery software. The yellow line corresponds to the finished collar in size S – do not embroider! The green line may be embroidered to hold the leather in place, in which case the finished collar should be cut out later inside this line. For sizes M and L, adjust the lines with the Reshape Tool according to the lines of the drawing.
Open the motifs in the embroidery-design package and copy into the collar templates edited as follows: 12450-06, two flowers: size 75%, mirror vertically and horizontally. Arrange in front collar tip and rotate. 12450-11, leaf: Size 75%, mirror vertically. Position after the two flowers on the outside edge and rotate. 12450-08, individual flower: Size 80%, mirror vertically. Insert behind the leaf and rotate. 12450-10, scrolling leaves: size 80%, mirror vertically and horizontally. Position in centre-back of collar and rotate. Depending on their size, move the motifs again until the designs fit into the appropriate templates.
Copy all motifs and mirror for the other side of the collar. Sort colours – black, red, white. Change red to light grey; white becomes dark grey. Increase stitch length of dark grey to 3mm. Delete yellow lines. Save. Depending on the collar size and hoop used, split the file with the software. For the Jumbo Hoop, rotate the entire collar by 90° – the collar can now be embroidered in a single operation.
Hoop embroidery stabiliser and secure leather with the green line. Place the grey tulle in the hoop and embroider the first outline in the colour of the tulle. Trim tulle and work zigzag stitch. Hoop fine white tulle and secure with a dark-grey thread. Trim tulle, leaving about 2mm still protruding all around.
Unhoop collar and cut out collar inside the green line. Sew a blanket stitch along the edge. Remove embroidery stabiliser. Sew on closure by hand.