Leather Pillow

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Bild: Leather Pillows


Cutting out: (incl. 1.5-cm seam allowances)
Leather: 43 x 43 cm
Cotton fabric: 20 x 43 cm and 35 x 43 cm

Prepare and embroider design:

  • Open and arrange the embroidery designs in the BERNINA Embroidery Software V6 and reduce the stitch length, altering the inside of the flower to a 2.5-mm-long straight stitch and the flower outlines to a 3-mm-long triple stitch. Delete the flower stems and digitise a new line with the stemstitch (line width 1, distance 1.55, angle 35%, type ‘single’).
  • Hoop the embroidery stabiliser, spray with adhesive, and stick the leather on top. Embroider out designs.

Sew pillow
  • For the closure, iron over the cotton fabric as shown in the sketch and topstitch.
  • Work in buttonholes and sew on buttons on the opposite side.
  • Place pillow sections together with right sides facing; sew together all around and turn right sides out.