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Social media: More information, background, tips & tricks

BERNINA is active in numerous international social media channels. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, BERNINA is always ready to provide you with more information about its activities. For example, on Facebook, take a look behind the scenes or discover some useful tips and tricks in the BERNINA video tutorials on YouTube. An overview of the international social media channels we use is available here.

BERNINA on Facebook

BERNINA is represented in numerous countries on Facebook. Connect with BERNINA on Facebook and find out more about events and exciting projects, as well as getting tips and tricks about sewing. Click on the relevant country to reach the corresponding Facebook page.

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BERNINA on Twitter

Do you want to get the latest news in brief about BERNINA? An overview of the BERNINA Twitter channels is available here.

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BERNINA on Youtube

Browse through the BERNINA video archive and discover the world of BERNINA. The numerous tutorials provide useful tips and tricks for the machines, the accessories and the software. Take a look at the videos of BERNINA marketing campaigns and videos about the company. Note: The complete, multilingual video archive is available on the BERNINA International AG channel.

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BERNINA on Flickr

Discover the comprehensive BERNINA image database on Flickr. Here you will find photos of the company, the machines, the accessories and numerous inspiring sewing projects.

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