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Firmware V34.21.51

BERNINA 820 - Firmware V34.21.51

For the BERNINA 820 a new firmware is available. 11 June 2014

Before you start downloading the file

  • Check the firmware version of your BERNINA 820:
  • This download contains: Firmware version 34.21.51
  • Please: read first the download instructions before you download the firmware.

Check firmware version on your BERNINA 820 sewing machine

Go to the “Setup” of your BERNINA 820 sewing machine by clicking on the soft key:

Open the Information section

Press the "hand" button three times

On the information screen of your BERNINA 820 you will see the firmware version information of your machine.

Does any of the two versions has a lower value as shown below, an update is recommended.

Version Software: 34.21.51
Data: 34.21.51
Version Bootloader: 02.04.14

Previous firmware versions:

Firmware Version: As download available since:
V32.44.80 Q4 2012
V31.29.40 26.07.2011
V30.16.20/Data 30.16.21 26.10.2010
V29.39.00 28.10.2009
V29.21.40 08.06.2009


As a reminder, when updating the machines with new FW it is crucial that the process is being done with the embroidery module and the BSR foot disconnected.
The single machine must be updated first. Afterwards, when the BSR foot or the embroidery unit is automatically loading the appropriate FW into these modules.
Not updating the machine first can result in undesirable performance behavior of the machine and the embroidery module.