Pillow with embroidery

Pillow with embroidery

Different sizes possible – here 50 x 50 cm


  • 60 cm brown cotton fabric (140 cm wide)
  • Remnant of pink fabric and 1 m cord for the piping
  • In-seam zip, 40 cm long
  • Embroidery stabiliser and spray adhesive
  • Matching sewing and embroidery thread
  • Gingko embroidery motif
  • BERNINA 780 
  • Jumbo Hoop
  • Bulky overlock foot no.12C
  • Zipper foot no.35

Cutting out (given without seam allowances):


For the piping: 2 stripes 50 x 3 cm


Neaten all edges.
Place embroidery stabiliser under all front sections. Hoop centre-front section (25 x 50 cm) in the Jumbo hoop and embroider the two large gingko leaves on in the centre.

Endless embroidery:
Open ‘Gingko outline’ motif. Under ‘Hoop selection’, select Mega hoop or Jumbo hoop. Duplicate motif twice and arrange as follows:
Move motif 1 to the left; position motif 2 in the centre with ‘Mirror up/down’; move motif 3 to the right.

Press the ‘i' button and select the ‘Endless Embroidery’ function.

Reduce the number of repeats to 7 and activate the lower reference points on the right and left.


Embroider border on the narrow front-section pieces. Rehoop and embroider out a second time.

Prepare piping:
Place cord in centre of pink strip.
Fold strip lengthways and sew in with long stitches with Foot 12C, needle position fully to the right.

Finish front section:
Sew each of the two narrow front sections to a long edge of the centre-front section, including the piping as you do so.
Finish pillow:
Insert in-seam zip along the bottom edge of the pillow sections with Foot no. 35. Place pillow sections together right sides facing and close seam from the zip onwards, as well as the other sides. Turn pillow right-side-out.