Presser feet for every purpose

Presser feet for every purpose

With the right precision presser foot, it is easy to bring your projects to fruition. Choose from over 100 BERNINA presser feet.

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Whether it’s for smocking, shirring, sewing in piping, working with mutiple layers of heavy fabric such as denim or canvas, inserting zippers, or easy sewing of scalloped hems on lightweight fabrics – here’s where you’ll find the appropriate presser foot for each project.

Many of these presser feet were developed and patented specifically by BERNINA, and are optimized for use with BERNINA sewing machines. Since 1954, when the first BERNINA with patented clip-on presser foot left the factory, a host of innovative presser feet have been developed for BERNINA machines to enable individual consumers  to sew with professional-quality results and using a wide range of techniques.

Our priority has always been the most perfect sewing result possible using a wide range of materials and stitch techniques.