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BERNINA embroidery software

Trapunto Collection Vol. 1

BERNINA Trapunto Collection Vol. 1

The Trapunto technique has been around since the 14th century and originates from Sicily (Italy). The term Trapunto technique refers to a quilting technique used to create a "raised" design, i.e. patterns stand out three-dimensionally from the background. Trapunto is a very traditional technique used in handicrafts. In order to create the effect, the designs are stuffed with wadding. BERNINA is now offering its Trapunto Embroidery Collection Vol. 1, with which you can quickly create this effect using your BERNINA embroidery machine. You don't need any wadding to do it. The pattern is created entirely on your machine.

Echo quilting & CutWork foot required

In order to create the designs in the Trapunto Collection Vol. 1, you need the Echo quilting & CutWork foot # 44C. It is suitable for echo/shadow quilting as well as free-motion quilting. In addition, with the Echo quilting and CutWork foot # 44C, it is easy to create free-motion embroidery and enchanting thread paintings with zigzag stitch. Used in conjunction with the BERNINA CutWork tool, the Echo quilting and CutWork foot # 44C can also be used to exceptional effect for cutting BERNINA CutWork patterns using the associated BERNINA CutWork software.

Embroidery designs (selection)


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