PLUS Upgrade Activation for B 770 QE

This upgrade is compatible with B 765, B 770 QE, B 770 QE Tula Pink Special Edition and B 770 QE Anniversary Edition.

Just three steps to unlock the full potential of your beloved BERNINA


Update your machine with the latest firmware. During the update process your Machine ID will be generated and displayed.


Start the upgrade activation process by clicking the button below. Fill in your details, Machine ID and Product Key from the PLUS Upgrade. This will generate the Activation Key.


Enter your Activation Key in the machine to enable the new features included in the PLUS Upgrade.

Before you start

Before you start

The PLUS Upgrade must be purchased from your local BERNINA dealer. The upgrade is compatible with: B 770 QE, B 770 QE Tula Pink Special Edition, B 770 QE Anniversary Edition and B 765.

Ready to use the new features of the PLUS Upgrade? Click on the button below to start the activation process now!

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