Annika Victoria

«I know I have a new best friend with my BERNINA.»

Annika is young, talented, creative and crazy unique. The YouTuber from Sydney, Australia, knows exactly what her sewing fans want: uncomplicated patterns that are fun to sew. And, as her down-to-earth, you-can-do-it videos show, her BERNINA 335 is the go-to partner she can count on. She loves her BERNINA 3 Series.

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More about Annika

Annika Victoria is 25 years old, lives and studies in Sydney, Australia and has a very special passion: do-it-yourself sewing! She regularly publishes her own videos on her YouTube channel, showing viewers how they can sew simple clothes and projects themselves. She loves sharing her passion for sewing with other people and helping them with ideas and tips. She finds unusual fabrics in second-hand shops in the form of clothes, which she promptly cuts up, modifies or does something else imaginative with in order to create her personal it-piece. This is because the topic of sustainability relating to fashion is also very important for Annika. With her blog and social media activities, she wants to help people to realise how much it benefits the environment if they make a conscious decision to buy fewer fashion items.

Annika is a very remarkable young woman in other respects as well: despite her personal experience of having to live with a chronic illness, she radiates positive and creative energy and pure optimism. She just wants to make the world a little bit better. Keep it up, dear Annika!