Meredith Woolnough

Meredith Woolnough

Meredith Woolnough is a Newcastle based textile artist and teacher who uses a freeform embroidery technique on a water-soluble fabric to create beautiful lacelike artworks. Her pieces are inspired my natural forms ranging from intricate coral designs to the internal structures of leaves. Meredith has also developed an ingenious way to display her work on pins so that they look like they are floating in space allowing them to cast dramatic shadows.

‘I basically draw with my BERNINA. I strip the machine back to its basic functions; it’s just a needle going up and down and I move the hooped fabric under the needle. It sounds simple, and in many ways it is – but it allows for endless creative control, which I love.  I can direct every stitch and sew as loosely or as densely as I like to build up my designs.

Meredith uses a BERNINA 710 to build her creations. ‘I love to work on the 710 because it’s 10 inch sewing arm allows me lots of room and freedom to move when I sew. Its extra large bobbin is a really handy feature because I can work for so much longer without interruption. The extension table is permanently attached when I work and I like how it is really sturdy and comfortable to lean on. The machines computer is intuitive to use and everything you need is always at your fingertips. I particularly like the eco function so I can put my machine ‘to sleep’ during the day when I am not using it without loosing any of my settings. I push my machine pretty hard when I work, I run the machine very fast and for long periods of time but my BERNINA never complains. The 710 is fast, smooth and reliable, it’s exactly what I need and want from a machine. 

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«I basically draw with my BERNINA»