Tiffany Pratt

«You don't need to sew perfect, the machine will make it magic.»

Talented. Energetic. Creative. Bold. A maker like Tiffany relies on the B 475 QE to be powerful, easy to handle, fast and magical. Day in and day out. And her BERNINA never fails to deliver. 

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More About Tiffany

The rainbow is her emblem and pink is her favourite colour – Tiffany Pratt is a decorator, author, designer, stylist and DIY queen. The American lives in Toronto, Canada, where she regularly appears on various TV shows and presents her creative ideas. Her personality, positive energy and dynamism are also reflected in her designs – they are always colourful, cheerful and bright. Thus she has already captivated countless rooms and people.

Tiffany Pratt is a creative all-rounder. She has a knack for combining colours without the end result being overly cluttered. The spaces and things that she shapes or designs really shine and smile at you. And Tiffany is always ready for new creations. She is a real doer, and at the same time does not lose sight of the customer’s needs and wishes.

Tiffany began her career in the world of fashion and cosmetics in New York City. Later, she loved giving art lessons to children. Her passion for changing things and making them more beautiful laid the foundation for her current business. As a stylist and designer, she is tangible and her art is real and accessible to other people, because she gives tips and assistance on how to imitate her. That is what makes her so popular with creative people around the world. Her talent for seeing special aspects of things, which others cannot see, is summed up in a book (“This Can Be Beautiful”). There, she describes how to make the environment around you more colourful, beautiful and positive.