Belt from Inspiration 58


Picture: i-tip 5830: belt

Model 5830


  • 15 coverable buttons (Prym), 4 x 38 mm, 6 x 29 mm, 5 x 23 mm
  • Fabric remnants
  • About 40 small screw nuts
  • About 14 m grey anorak cord
  • Embroidery accessories, spray adhesive
  • BERNINA sewing machine

Picture: i-tip 5830: belt

Place embroidery stabiliser under the ­fabric remnants and embroider with your machine’s built-in embroidery stitches. ­Depending on the stitch, you may need
to loosen the thread tension slightly. Tear away the embroidery stabiliser and cover the buttons according to the button-manu­facturer’s instructions.

Cut 4 3.5-m-long cords in half to yield 8 1.75 m cords. Hang the loop thus created e.g. on a door handle. Thread all buttons onto one cord. Plait a 4-strand plait with 2 cords at a time, braiding in the buttons as you work. Screw nuts can also be threaded on and braided in for effect in places. With the 4-strand plait, an outermost cord is always braided over 1 cord and the opposite, second-outermost cord is braided over 2 cords. 30 cm before the end of the cord, knot all cords together and pull a few screw nuts through the individual cords. Knot off all ends and cut off to desired length.