Keychain - from Inspiration 57


Picture: i-tips 5754: Keychain

Keychain 5754

Keychains are always handy, but this one has a secondary use. The leather strip is ­deliberately not sewn together in the centre, which creates a sort of holder for short
notes there. Forgetting things is now a thing of the past!

Size 3.4 x 17 cm


  • Remnant of “Roxana” faux leather
  • 140 cm wide (Swafing)
  • Remnant of “Georgsdorf” small-check material, 150 cm wide (Swafing)
  • Snaplink, width 32 mm (Union Knopf)
  • Embroidery accessories
  • BERNINA 830

Cutting out

  • Faux leather without seam allowances 3 x 34 cm. Fabric 6.8 x 35 cm plus seam allowances.

Embroider faux-leather strip in the centre with stitch 238. With right sides facing, sew fabric strip lengthways into a tube; turn right-side-out. Turn ends under and press. Place leather strip on centre of fabric tube and sew together with Presser foot no. 10 and a long triple stitch.
Thread through snaplink and sew ends ­together. Sew in snaplink again sideways at the top on the fabric, to yield a sort of holder for short notes in the centre area.