Perfect gift for Valentine's Day ♥

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening



Quickly sewn & easily embroidered

The three gift sachets are perfect for giving presents to your loved ones on Valentine's Day. With our step-by-step instructions you are done in no time and enjoy beautiful results.

Bild: Be my Valentine!


Cutting out:

  • White fabric: 13.8 x 5.9 inches (Tip: cut the white stripes into larger pieces at first and cut them back to the exact size after embroidering. Thus you don't have to pay attention to the exact position during clamping.
  • Printed fabric (inner lining): 14.9 x 5.9 inches

Embroidery Software 30 days for free

The great Valentine's Day project was created with the BERNINA Toolbox, a modular, easy-to-use embroidery software. With the Free Trial you can enjoy all functionalities of the software 30 days free of charge.

Download your free trial

Combine the embroidery designs

  • Download the respective design from the BERNINA Cloud and combine them. We made remarks on the respective designs below. Our tutorials will help you on that. Check out the tutorials. 
  • After finishing the embroidery designs, save them on a USB Stick and open them on your embroidery machine for stitching out.

love love love

This embroidery design simply combines two designs from the BERNINA Cloud. No other changes were made, just embroidered with other colors.

love with hearts

Combine these two embroidery designs. Then, delete the speech bubble and place the lettering above the heart. The stitching sequence has to be checked, i. e. the Speech Bubbles have to be opened as second or otherwise the sequence has to be changed manually.


First, insert "L" and "VE" in the desired font, then simply add the heart. Second, erase the white contour of the heart. Now save it on your USB stick and put in on your embroidery machine for stitching out.

Bild: Be my Valentine!

Hoop the fabric

  • Mark the centre of the embroidery design with a textile marker on the fabric. A paper printout of the design helps to find the correct position of the design.
  • Place the tear-away stabilizer underneath the fabric and clamp it with the aid of the template (the centre mark has to match with the template).
Note: Since most embroidery machines open the embroidery design in a centered way, the centre of the love-love-love design is not in the middle of the lettering, but applies to the whole combination including the heart. Move this design accordingly, so that the lettering is positioned in the middle.

Bild: Be my Valentine!

Stitching out the design

You do not yet own an embroidery machine or are looking for a new one?

Then, have a look a the product pages of the B 700 or the B 500 - these are BERNINA's beautiful embroidery only-machines. 

Bild: Be my Valentine!

Sew the sachets

  • Tear off the embroidery stabilizer and cut the fabric to the exact size if necessary.
  • Place the fabric on top of each other with the right side facing inwards and sew them together along the longitudinal edges (seam depth 0.39 inch). Seam the edges of fuzzy fabrics.

Bild: Be my Valentine!

  • Sew the corners diagonally so that the small sachets get a little bit of support.
  • Turn them over afterwards.

Bild: Be my Valentine!

  • Sew the second sachet of lining material in the same way, but do not turn it over.

Now slide the two sachets into each other.

Bild: Be my Valentine!

  • Fold over the lining sachets at the top edge and fold in the fabric edge at a distance of 0.78 inch.
  • Topstitch with narrow edges. 

Bild: Be my Valentine!

Happy Valentine!

Fill the sachets with chocolates, cookies or other gifts, close them with a nice paper or clothespin and give them to someone special.   

We wish you a lot of fun with sewing and giving it to a special person! ♥