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Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening


Embroidered quickly & definitely unique!

Whether in a meeting, during a test, or on a sunny day in the park, everything is better with coffee. So that your daily caffeine boost stays warm but still looks distinctive, we have embroidered a simple travel coffee mug with cool statements. Sounds delightful, doesn't it?


You will need:

Double-check the dimensions of your cup and make any necessary adjustments before cutting the neoprene. The finished sewn neoprene stripes should be approx. 1 cm smaller than the size of the cup.

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Prepare the embroidery pattern in Toolbox

  • Start the BERNINA Toolbox software.
  • Select "BERNINA Cloud Download".

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  • In the category overview, select "Frames".

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  • Click on the desired speech bubble, i.e. "Speech Bubble 058" and select "Download".

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  • If you want the pattern to be saved under the same name in Toolbox, click "OK". Otherwise, enter a new name.

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  • Confirm the notification that the design was successfully downloaded by clicking "OK".

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  • Return to the Toolbox software by clicking on the arrow on the top left.

Embroidery Software 30 days for free

The embroidery of the cute Coffee Mug was created with the BERNINA Toolbox, a modular, easy-to-use embroidery software. With the Free Trial you can enjoy all functionalities of the software 30 days free of charge.

Download your free trial now
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Select the design

  • Select the design and click "Open" (alternatively, it can be opened by double-clicking).

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  • Select "Make a Copy". Doing so will open a copy and the original design will remain unchanged.

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  • Enter the file name for the project and confirm with "OK".

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  • If the medium embroidery frame is not shown, select this in the "Display" menu.

Want to save your embroidery design for later use?

No problem thanks to the BERNINA Cloud. Store all your created designs in the Cloud or store them temporarily if you want to continue your work later.

In our tutorials we explain how to use the cloud step by step. 
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  • Open the "Select" menu and choose "Select Objects".
  • Click on the speech bubble so that only the lettering is highlighted. Delete the letters using the delete key on your keyboard.

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Edit the speech bubble

  • Select the speech bubble and adjust the width by dragging the small square to the right.

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  • Confirm the notification that appears by clicking "OK".

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  • Open the "Lettering" menu and enter "I'm hot".
  • Select the desired font. We have used "Candy Script".

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  • Reduce the lettering size to 17 mm using the Lettering Properties option.
  • Position the text within the lettering area.

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  • In the "Editing" menu, open the tab "Change Settings".
  • Change the distortion compensation to 0.1 mm. This will make the font a little narrower.

  • Select "Export", open the USB drive, and save the pattern on the USB flash drive.

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Embroider the pattern

  • Insert the embroidery stabilizer into the middle hoop with the protective liner facing up.
  • Tear off the protective liner and stick a sufficiently large piece of faux leather onto the embroidery area.

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  • Embroider the design.
  • Cut out the emblem around the satin stitch, leaving a border of approx. 2 mm.

  • Position the emblem on the neoprene stripes and sew it on right next to the satin stitch using a straight stitch.
  • Lay the narrow edges on top of one another and sew them together using a zigzag stitch.

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Yep, you are all finished and the result is a coffee mug with its own style.

From now on, your latte macchiato, cappucino or caffé crème will look great and stay warm for a long time!

We hope you enjoy your favorite coffee and would love to see you post a picture of your personalized mug on Instagram with the hashtag #BERNINAToolbox. :-)

Want to try the embroidery software? Then here's your perfect chance. Download the 30-day free trial now and start embroidering!