Jersey loop scarf

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening


Jersey loop scarf

Size 20 x 140 cm


  • 0.25 m red jersey fabric (min. 1.4 m wide) 
  • 0.3 m grey jersey fabric (min. 1.4 m wide) 
  • 1 cone woolly nylon and 2 cones overlocking thread in red 
  • BERNINA overlocker (e.g. L450 / L460)
Cutting out
(Seam allowances are already included – see under ‘Materials’)


Embellishing the fabric:
  1. Thread the overlocker for 3-thread rolled hem. Use woolly nylon thread in the upper looper. Sew assorted lengthways rolled hems in the grey jersey at varying intervals.
  2. Trim the grey jersey fabric to a width of 25 cm.
Sewing the scarf together:
  1. Place the two scarf sections together with right sides facing and sew together along the two long ends with the 3-thread overlock seam.
  2. Turn scarf. Place short sides of grey jersey fabric right sides together and pin. Pin the red sections together as far as possible also. Sew together, leaving an opening of approx. 10 cm on the inside. Sew opening shut by hand.