Monster Mania Project

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening


Monster Mania

Let's see how creative you can be with bits and pieces you may find in your mum/dads stash.
The funkier the better so don’t be frightened to mix up your fabrics, colours, trims and even patterns pieces.
Enjoy just having fun!

Materials Needed

  • Scraps of fabric/ colours of your choice
  • Threads to match
  • Size 80 Universal or Jeans needle
  • Fibre filler
  • Buttons, eyes, ribbons and trims
  • ¼” Foot #37 for seams
  • Open Toe Embroidery Foot #20 for applique
  • Vliesofix for appliquéing eyes
  • Wool for hair (optional)
  • Hand sewing needle