Keyboard Design Collection

Keyboard Design Collection

Adding an Alphabet with Sue O’Very

Lesson five demonstrates how to:
  • Add an existing alphabet from the Design Library to the Keyboard Design Collection
  • Map the new alphabet to your keyboard
  • Create Lettering with the new alphabet
With BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 DesignerPlus only

Keyboard Design Collection - Adding the "Damask" Alphabet with Sue O’Very

Hello my Sewing Bees, in today's lesson I'm going to show you just how to add the "Damask" alphabet from your Design Library to the Keyboard Design Collection, a new feature of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 DesignerPlus;

Let's have some fun!

Red highlighted words 
They mark a function which is shown in the picture with a red circle.
The circle is sometimes very small, so keep looking for it! 

Alphabet Reference

Alphabet Reference

You can download this photo as a reference for your lettering design and Sue's original design as a BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 art-file. The art-file can't be used on your embroidery machine. You need to export it on a USB-stick or via the WiFi-Device as a machine file in order to stitch it out. Check Lesson one if you need a reminder how to export a design to your machine.

Download Reference
From the beginning

From the beginning

Open BERNINA Embroidery Software 9 and switch to "Embroidery Canvas". Change the hoop size to the BERNINA Large Oval Hoop, 255x145. I demonstrated how to change the hoop size in lessons 1-4 if you need a reminder of the detailed process.

Where to find the Alphabet

Where to find the Alphabet

Switch to the Design Library at the top.

In the Navigation tree, open

> Public Embroidery
> BERNINA 9 Embroidery
> Alphabets & Monograms by clicking on the arrow in front of the folders.
> Select folder 12452 Damask.  

Keyboard Design Collection

Keyboard Design Collection

Select Keyboard Design Collection at the top of the screen to open the docker on the right.

Select the letter "M" in the Design Library.
Click on "New".

Select "Use Selection" in the dialog box.
Click "OK".

Select the letter A in the Design Library, hold the "Shift" key down and select the letter Z. This will automaticly select all letters in between, including A & Z. Click "A-Z" in the docker to map the letters.

A progress bar shows the progress of the mapping.

"Mapping" the letters is a process, where the letters of a new embroidery font get linked with their corresponding letter key on your keyboard. This enables you to directly write texts in the new font with your keyboard, instead of adding each letter as a single embroidery design and editing them as separate layers.


Using the new Alphabet

Using the new Alphabet

Switch back to Embroidery Canvas to begin laying out the letters in your hoop.

Right click on the Lettering tool in the Lettering/ Monogramming Toolbox. Place a dot by Keyboard Design Collection.

Click on the drop-down arrow to choose 12452 Damask Alphabet. Type the letters you wish to use. I choose my name for this example. Click "OK".

Click on the screen to generate the lettering.

Deselect the lettering and enter 90 degrees in the Rotate box. Press the key "Enter". This will rotate your embroidery hoop.

Select the lettering. Click twice on Size -10 to resize the letters to fit within the hoop. With Keyboard Design Collections, Grade A ART designs can be resized up to 20%. See the lower right corner of the design screen for the grade.

If your Lettering does not fit, you can either choose a bigger embroidery hoop or embroider your Lettering in several parts.

Open the Menu "File"

> Save as "Damask Name"
> Send the design to your machine by exporting to a USB stick with Card/Machine Write or via WiFi with Send to BERNINA WiFi Device.

End of Lesson Five

End of Lesson Five

Are you ready for the next lesson?
I will show you how to create a plant with leaves, using the new Branching tool of the BERNINA Embroidery Software 9!

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