aurora 450

multi-talent for a multitude of tasks

Picture: BERNINA aurora 450
Picture: BERNINA aurora 450

aurora 450

multi-talent for a multitude of tasks

This product is no longer available

aurora 450: Robust, flexible, readily expandable

Upgradable: Embroidery functions and BERNINA Stitch Regulator

Upgradable: Embroidery functions and BERNINA Stitch Regulator

With the optional embroidery module, the aurora 450 can be easily upgraded to a powerful embroidery machine, giving you access to a wealth of attractive embroidery designs for professionally embellishing your sewing projects. A very special optional accessory for the aurora 450 is the BERNINA Stitch Regulator providing free-motion stitching with consistent stitch lengths even at variable speeds.

  • Stitch width of up to 9mm

    Stitch width of up to 9mm

    Thanks to its sophisticated rotary-hook system, the BERNINA aurora 450 can sew decorative stitches up to 9mm wide without a problem. Even at high sewing speeds, the hook system ensures smooth running and precise stitch-guiding, even with very dense or thick fabrics, thanks to the high penetration power of the needle. Proof positive of the versatility of the aurora 450 – whether you use it to sew, embroider, or quilt.
  • Start/stop button

    Start/stop button

    The aurora 450’s sewing process can be started or stopped at the touch of a button, without using the foot control at all – an especially convenient feature that’s an advantage with long seams or quilting projects.
  • Extensive stitch library

    Extensive stitch library

    One of the basic features of the aurora 450 is an extensive built-in stitch package with 390 practical and decorative stitches, among which are four sewing alphabets, including a Cyrillic one, and nine different buttonholes. With this powerful and versatile range of stitches, the aurora 450 meets even professional expectations. All of the stitches contained in the 450’s memory can be quickly accessed at the touch of a button, with the stitch number and stitch symbol being displayed on the screen. This enables easy selection, alteration and combination of the desired stitches, helping you achieve your desired result in next to no time.
  • Embroidery with PC connection

    Embroidery with PC connection

    By upgrading your aurora 450 to an embroidery machine, you’ll have the full range of functions and features of a PC-supported embroidery machine at your fingertips. The aurora 450 also offers everything you need for boundless creativity when embroidering, allowing you to select, alter, position and combine embroidery motifs – a vast increase in creative options, enabling you to produce superb, top-quality designs.
  • Design software for breathtaking embroidery projects

    Design software for breathtaking embroidery projects

    With the optional embroidery module, you’ll receive BERNINA ArtDesign embroidery software which imparts virtually limitless design capabilities to your aurora 450 when embroidering. Here, the embroidery designs supplied as standard can be combined and altered on your PC screen, letting you adapt them to your wishes.
  • TrueType Font embroidery

    TrueType Font embroidery

    When you use the aurora 450 as an embroidery machine, you can utilize whatever TrueType fonts take your fancy to embroider lettering. This function also lets you embroider fancy lettering, symbol scripts, or Asian scripts with the aurora 450 – an “extra” that distinguishes the 450 from other machines of its class and opens up a whole new world of exciting design options for you.
Software-supported editing of embroidery designs

Software-supported editing of embroidery designs

Enlarging, rotating, mirroring and combining embroidery designs and adding letters or color changes is child’s play when you connect the aurora 450 with optional embroidery module to your PC. The BERNINA embroidery software lets you make a host of changes to the embroidery designs which can be temporarily saved to the aurora 450’s built-in memory. In this way, you can precisely adapt the selected embroidery designs to your wishes – and thanks to the included BERNINA embroidery software, you’ll be able to keep perfect track of the embroidery process at all times, the progress of which is displayed in real time on your PC screen.

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