BERNINA 950 Industrial

Practical and versatile – precision mechanical sewing

Picture: BERNINA 950 Industrial
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BERNINA 950 Industrial

  • Assorted practical and decorative stitches

    Assorted practical and decorative stitches

    The mechanical BERNINA 950 Industrial boasts over twenty-one different practical and decorative stitches enabling maximum precision and top stitch quality for professional high-speed sewing. Stitch selection is via two control levers located at the top of the 950 Industrial – so you can select your desired stitch quickly and easily. Keep track at a glance of the machine’s stitch options as well as the stitch you have just selected for practical, fuss-free sewing. The range of practical and decorative stitches offered by the BERNINA 950 Industrial will let you sew a wide variety of projects to a first-class standard.
  • Belt shield on handwheel

    Belt shield on handwheel

    The BERNINA 950 Industrial’s drive belt is located behind a belt shield below the handwheel, ruling out accidental contact with the belt when it’s in motion. The BERNINA 950 Industrial offers you maximum safety when sewing – cleverly thought-out down to the smallest detail.
  • Automatic buttonhole

    Automatic buttonhole

    The BERNINA 950 Industrial also sews buttonholes with the expected precision, letting you choose between five different settings. The control knob for the automatic buttonhole is conveniently located on the front of the BERNINA 950 Industrial, letting you quickly choose the desired setting at the flick of a wrist. Buttonholes are quick and easy to sew on any material – from delicate fabrics to heavy, thicker ones.
  • Built-in presser-foot lifter

    Built-in presser-foot lifter

    An especially handy feature of the BERNINA 950 Industrial is the built-in, knee-lever-operated presser-foot lifter which lets you raise the presser foot without having to take your hands off your project. This allows you to guide your material precisely at all times, and to switch quickly between free-motion and automatic sewing. The practical knee-lever is just one of the many convenience features that set BERNINA sewing machines apart from comparable models: a “plus” in ergonomic sewing and simple handling enabling perfect and quick workflow – ideal for commercial use in professional sewing workshops.
  • Wide range of accessories

    Wide range of accessories

    The BERNINA 950 Industrial features an extensive range of accessories enabling you to perform a host of high-precision sewing tasks. Every BERNINA 950 Industrial is equipped with a universal feed-dog as standard, ensuring consistently high stitch quality with a wide range of materials, from the most delicate to the coarsest fabrics. The basic equipment of the 950 Industrial also includes seven presser feet for zigzag sewing, darning, buttonholes, embroidering, serging, blindstitch, and inserting zippers. This means you’re ideally equipped for a wide range of projects and enjoy a high degree of creativity by no means afforded by every mechanical sewing machine.
  • Special accessories

    Special accessories

    The BERNINA 950 Industrial features a wide range of optional accessories allowing you to equip your BERNINA according to your needs. Among these are a sturdy industrial frame offering you a spacious work area and ensuring maximum stability. Choose between a clutch motor and a starter motor. Other special accessories ensure upgradability, like a halogen sewing light for the best view of your project, and a spool stand allowing you to adapt your BERNINA 950 Industrial to your individual needs – an industrial sewing machine that grows in line with your requirements.

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