Picture: Mathias Ackermann

Mathias Ackermann

«Working with a BERNINA has an inspirational effect on my designs.»

Mathias lives for fashion and style: It was clear early on that he would someday take this path professionally. That path began for Mathias in a 5th grade creative textiles class.

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More About Mathias Ackermann

His sewing teacher's enthusiasm for his textile work motivated Mathias so much that he decided then to become a dressmaker and stylist.
He did his apprenticeship in a traditional commercial studio where he learned "old school" tailoring skills from the ground up. After successfully passing his final examination, he worked in prestigious studios where he expanded his knowledge. Along the way, he attended various training courses and designed outfits for fashion shows.
In 1997, the time was right to strike out on his own: Mathias Ackermann opened his own couture studio, "Little Kingdom". But this little realm was not enough for him: Mathias wanted to continue to develop both professionally and personally. So, as a sideline from 2004 to 2005, he completed the "Applied Design" curriculum at the School of Fashion, Crafts and Design in Worb, Switzerland. The effort was worthwhile - he graduated with top honors. Now, Mathias teaches a variety of training courses at the school.
In February 2006, Mathias Ackermann had the opportunity to offer his own "Little Kingdom" shirt collection on behalf of "Real Time Society" at Globus Zurich. Subsequently, he applied for the 2006 Swiss Fashion Award and was promptly nominated.