Ricky Tims

«I love the new BERNINA 550 Quilters Edition.
It‘s making my life easy. And the best part:
I can count on perfect BERNINA stitch quality!»

Ricky Tims did not start his quilting career using a BERNINA, but he soon switched to the traditional Swiss brand because of its reliability. Since then he has earned a reputation as a master quilter who is well-known in the United States and beyond. 

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More About Ricky Tims

Ricky has been quilting since 1991 and has won numerous international prizes for his creations. He was designated as one of the "Thirty Most Distinguished Quilters in the World."  In 2009, Quilter's Newsletter magazine even dubbed him the most influential figure in the quilting industry.

In LaVeta, Colorado, Ricky holds day-long seminars with hundreds of quilting enthusiasts. He also regularly tours Europe, captivating audiences with his enthusiastic style. In addition, he produces the online TV show "The Quilt Show" with Alex Anderson and is co-publisher of the American Quilters Society quilting lifestyle magazine «The Quilt Life».

He especially appreciates BERNINA's Darning Foot # 9 for micro-stippling, the Pintuck Foot # 32 with 7 grooves and the Edgestitch Foot #10. Because it allows him to see his work, he uses the Reverse Pattern Foot with Clear Sole # 34C to assemble pieces of cloth.