Picture: Tatjana Horblant

Tatjana Horblant

«BERNINA lets me live out my creativity to the full!»

When it comes to embroidery, Tatjana doesn't kid around. The Bavarian mom blogs regularly for BERNINA and operates her own embroidery website, through which she shares her large and small works of art with others.   

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More About Tatjana Horblant

As a child in Thuringia in the 70s, Tatiana Hobrlant developed a passion for crafts, needlework and sewing dolls' clothes. Inspired by a sewing class, she made her own complete wardrobe at a young age - from trousers and shirts to jackets and bags. She has been married since 1998 and lives with her family in a small Bavarian village near Nuremberg. She rediscovered her old hobby, sewing, after the birth of her son Paul in 1999. 

After she had given up her job to become a full-time mother, she devoted her free time increasingly to her newly acquired hobby: machine embroidery and digitizing with her embroidery machine and BERNINA Embroidery Software.

In early 2007, Tatjana turned her passion into a family business. In her online shop she sells embroidery designs that are designed and digitized with BERNINA embroidery software.